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RAIGARH, a feudatory state of India, in the Chattisgarh division of the Central Provinces. Area, 1486 sq. m. Pop. (toot) 174,929, showing an increase of 4% in the decade. Estimated revenue, £10,000; tribute, 260. The chief belongs to the old Gond royal family. The state is traversed by the Bengal-Nagpur railway, with a station at Raigarh town, 363 m. from Calcutta. Rice is the chief crop; iron ore is worked by indigenous methods, and coal is known to exist. Fine tussore silk is produced at Raigarh town (pop. 6764). Raigarh is also the name of a hill fortress in Kolaba district, Bombay, which Sivaji made his chief place of residence. Here he was crowned in 1674.

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