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RAJASTHANI (properly RAJASTHANI, the language of Rajasthan of Rajputana), an Indo-Aryan vernacular closely related to Gujarati. It is spoken in Rajputana and the adjoining parts of central India, and has several dialects the principal of which are Jaipur', Marwari, Mewati and Mal y '. Hai-anti, an important variety of Jaipur", is spoken in the states of Kota and Bundi. Carey, the well-known Serampur missionary, paid great attention to Rajasthani in the early part of the 19th century, translating the New Testament into no fewer than six dialects, viz. Harauti, Ujaini (i.e. Malvi), Udaipuri (a form of Marwari), Marwari proper, Jaipuri proper and Bikaner" (another form of Marwari). In 1901 the total number of speakers of Rajasthan" was 10,917,712. (G. A. GR.)

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