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RAJKOT, India, capital of a native state in Bombay, and headquarters of the political agent for Kathiawar. Pop. (1901) 36,151. It is situated in the middle of the peninsula of Kathiawar, and is the centre of the railway system. There is a military cantonment. The Rajkumar college, for the education of the sons of chiefs on the lines of an English public school, has achieved great success. Besides the high school there are training colleges for masters and mistresses. The Rasulkhanji hospital has a department for women, opened in 1897. All these institutions are maintained at the joint expense of the chiefs of Kathiawar. The state of Rajkot, which is a branch of Nawanagar, has an area of 282 sq. m. Pop. (1901) 49,795. Estimated revenue, £ 20,000.

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