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RAMNICU SARAT (Rimnicu Sarat), the capital of the department of Ramnicu Sarat, Rumania; on the railway from Buzeu to Focshani, and on the left bank of the Ramnicu, a tributary of the Sereth. Pop. (1900) 13,134, about 1500 being Jews. The town rises from a marshy plain, east of the Carpathians, and west of the cornlands of southern Moldavia. Salt and petroleum are worked in the mountains, and there is a. considerable trade in agricultural produce and preserved meat. Ramnicu Sarat was the scene of battles between the Moldavians and the Walachians in 1434 and 1573, and between the Walachians and Turks in 1634. Here also, in 1789, an Austro-Russian army defeated the Turks. In 1854 the town was almost destroyed by fire and was rebuilt.

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