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RANDAN, a name for a boat rowed by three persons, stroke and bow using a single oar each and the central person a pair of sculls. The word is of unknown origin, and can hardly be connected with a slang term for a row or spree, which is found as early as the beginning of the 18th century and is generally taken as a variation of "random," haphazard.

RANDAllO, a town of Sicily, in the province of Catania, at the N. foot of Mount Etna, 43 m. N. by W. of Catania by rail, and 26 m. direct. Pop. (1901) 11,798. It has considerable remains of architecture of the 13th and 14th centuries, including three Norman churches and some interesting palaces. The former contain some fine sculptures and goldsmith's work (Mauceri in L'Arte, 1906, 185). It is the nearest town to the summit of Etna (9(9 m.), and is one of the points from which the ascent may be made.

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