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Desire RAOUL ROCHETTE (1790-1854), French archaeologist, was born on the 9th of March 1790 at St Amand in the department of Cher, and received his education at Bourges. He was made professor of history in the College de Louis-leGrand at Paris (1813) and in the Sorbonne (1817). His critique de l'etablissement des colonies grecques (4 vols., 1815) is now out of date. He was superintendent of antiquities in the Bibliotheque at Paris (1819-48), and professor of archaeology at the Bibliotheque (from 1826), a result of which. may be seen in his Cours d'archeologie (1828). In 1829 appeared. his Monuments inedits, a work of great value at the time. Still valuable are his Peintures inddites (1836) and his Peintures de Pompdi (1844). He contributed to the Annali of the Roman Institute, the Journal des savants and the Acaddmie des inscriptions. At his death on the 3rd of July 1854 Raoul Rochette was perpetual secretary of the Academy of Fine Arts and a corresponding member of most of the learned societies in Europe.

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