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RAPALLO, a seaport and winter resort of Liguria, Italy, in the province of Genoa. Pop. (1901) 5839 (town); 10,343 (commune). It occupies a beautiful and well-sheltered situation on the east side of the Gulf of Rapallo, 182 m. E. by S. from Genoa by rail. It has a fine church, a medieval castle (now used as a prison) and a Roman Bridge, known as "Hannibal's Bridge." On the hills above the town is situated the church and abbey of the Madonna de Montallegro, whose miraculous picture attracts pilgrims from all parts of Italy. Olives and other fruit are grown, and a brisk trade is done in olive oil. A mile to the south is Santa Margherita Ligure (pop. 7051), another winter resort, with a large 26th-century church. Both places are also frequented for sea-bathing in summer. Lace is made, while the men go in May to the coral fisheries off the Sardinian coast. To the south again is the small seaport of Portofino (the Roman Portus Delphini) under the south-east extremity of the promontory of Portofino (2010 ft.). On the way from S. Margherita to Portofino is the suppressed monastery of Cervara, in which Francis I. of France was confined after the battle of Pavia on his way to Madrid. At all these places are beautiful villas.

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