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RATLAM (or Rutlam), a native state of central India, in the Malwa agency. Area, 902 sq. m. Its territory is closely interlaced with that of Sailana. It is held as tributary to Sindhia; but in 1819 an arrangement was made by which Sindhia engaged never to send any troops into the country or to interfere with the internal administration, and in 1861 the tribute was assigned to the British government in part payment of the Gwalior contingent. The population in 1901 was 83,773, showing a decrease of 6% in the decade; estimated revenue, X 34, 000; tribute, £2850. The chief, whose title is raja, is a Rahtor Rajput of the Jodhpur family. The chief Sujjan Singh succeeded in 1893, and attained full powers in 1898. The town of Ratlam is 1577 ft. above sea-level. Pop. (1g01) 36,321. It is a junction on the Rajputana-Malwa railway, and an important centre of trade, especially in opium.

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