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RATON, a city and the county seat of Colfax county, New Mexico, U.S.A., in the N.E. part of the state, and about 193 m. by rail N.E. of Santa Fe. Pop. (1890) 1255; (1900) 3540 (337 foreign-born); (19,0 census) 4539Raton is served by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, the Saint Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific, and the Santa Fe, Raton & Eastern railways. The city lies immediately W. of the Raton Mountains, from which it derives its name, and has an elevation of6400-6650ft. above the sea. Among its institutions are a miners' hospital, maintained by the state, and a picturesque public park. The city lies within the Raton coal field, a southern continuation of the field of the same name in Colorado, and the richest coalproducing area in New Mexico. In 1907 70% of the total coal product of New Mexico came from Colfax county, in which this field is situated. Ores of gold, silver and lead have been mined in Colfax county. South and east of the city there is good farming land. Raton is a place of railway origin, and owes its development to its extensive railway shops, as well as to the proximity of mines. It was incorporated in 1891.

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