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REED (1806-1876), graduated at the university of Pennsylvania in 1822, was a representative in the Pennsylvania legislature in 1834-35, attorney-general of the state in 1838, and a state senator in 1841. He was professor of American history in the university of Pennsylvania in 1850-56, United States minister to China in 1857-58, and in 1858 negotiated a treaty with China, proclaimed in 1860. Besides the biography of his grandfather mentioned above, he published one of Joseph Reed's wife, Life of Esther De Berdt, afterwards Esther Reed (1853).

W. B. Reed's brother, HENRY [HOPE] REED (1808-1854), graduated at the university of Pennsylvania in 1825, practised law in Philadelphia, and was assistant-professor of moral philosophy in the university of Pennsylvania in 1831-34 and professor of English literature and rhetoric there in 18 35-54. He assisted Wordsworth in the preparation of an American edition of his poems in 1837, edited in America Christopher Wordsworth's Memoirs of William Wordsworth (1851) and published Lectures on English Literature from Chaucer to Tennyson (1855)

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