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REMEDIOS, or SAN Juan De Los Remedios, town of Santa Clara province, Cuba, in the municipality of San Juan de Los Remedios. Pop. of the town (1907), 6988; of the municipality, 21,573. The town is served by a branch of the Cuban Central railway, extending from Caibarien to Camajuani, where it connects with the main line. The site is low and flat, and unhealthily wet in the rainy season. The port of Remedios is Caibarien (pop. in 1907, 8 333), on the N. coast, about 5 m. E. Both are in the sugar country, and sugar is the base of their economic interests. The first settlement on the site of the present town was made in 1515-16, and in 1545 Remedios was created a villa with an ayuntamiento (council).

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