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REMPHAN, the Authorized Version's rendering of the Greek word variously appearing in Acts vii. 48 as `Poµc56., `Pe 4 iv, `PE,u0a,u, `Pate tv, ` ecbet y . It is part of a quotation from Amos v. 26, where the Septuagint, `Pao b.v or `PECbav stands for the Hebrew i a '? Chuin or Kewan. The Greek forms are probably simple mistakes for the Hebrew, k (:) having been replaced by r (') and ph (cp) substituted for v (1). Kewan is probably the old Babylonian Ka(y)awanu, the planet Saturn, another (the Akkadian) name for which is Sakkut, which appears as Siccuth in the earlier part of the verse.

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