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RESCHEN SCHEIDECK. This Alpine pass is in some sort the pendant of the Brenner Pass, but leads from the upper valley of the Inn or Engadine to the upper valley of the Adige. It is but 4902 ft. in height. Near the summit is the hamlet of Reschen, while some way below is the former hospice of St Valentin auf der Haid, mentioned as early as 1140. Starting from Landeck, the carriage road runs up the Inn valley to Pfunds, whence it mounts above the gorge of Finstermiinz to the village of Nauders (274 m.) where the road from the Swiss Engadine falls in (532 m. from St Moritz). Thence the road mounts gently to the pass, and then descends, with the infant Adige, to Mals (r52 m.), whence the pass is sometimes wrongly named Malserheide. The road now descends the upper Adige valley, or Vintschgau, past Meran (374 m.) to Botzen (20 m. from Meran, or zoo m. from Landeck) where the Brenner route is joined. (W. A. B. C.)

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