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REWA KANTHA, a political agency or collection of native states in India, subordinate to the government of Bombay. It stretches for about 150 rn. between the plain of Gujarat and the hills of Malwa, from the river Tapti to the Mahi, crossing the Nerbudda or Rewa, from which it takes its name. The number of separate states is 61, many of which are under British jurisdiction. The only important one is Rajpipla. It includes also five second-class states entitled Chota Udaipur, Bariya, Sunth, Lunawada and Balaimor. Total area, 4972 sq. m. In 1901 the population was 479,065, showing a decrease of 35% in the decade, due to the results of famine. Estimated revenue, (140,000; tribute (mostly to the gaekwar of Baroda), £10,000. Many of the inhabitants belong to the wild tribes of Bhils and Kolis. The political agent, who is also collector of the British district of the Panch Mahals, resides at Godhra.

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