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RHYL, a watering-place and urban district of Flint, N. Wales, practically equidistant by rail from Bangor (292 m.) and Chester (30(30 m.), and 209 m. from London on the London & North-Western railway. Pop. (Igo') 8473. It is situated near the mouth of the Clwyd. Formerly, like Llandudno, a small fishing village, the town has now all the appointments of a popular resort. In winter the gales often fill the streets to the depth of several feet, with drifts of sand from the surrounding dunes, which, however, are noted in summer for the dry and bracing air. The neighbouring country is interesting from its scenery and antiquities. Among the institutions of the town may be mentioned the Queen Alexandra Hospital (1902), and several hydropathic establishments and convalescent homes. The estuary harbours coasting vessels, and some shipbuilding is carried on. On the beach towards Prestatyn can be seen the remains of a submerged forest.

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