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RICKMANSWORTH, an urban district in the Watford parliamentary division of Hertfordshire, England; 172 m. W.N.W. of London by the Metropolitan & Great Central joint railway; served also by a branch of the London & North Western railway from Watford. Pop. (1901) 5627. It lies in a pleasant valley at the junction of the Chess with the Colne, and on the Grand Junction canal. The church of St Mary, with the exception of the tower a modern reconstruction, contains some French stained glass of the 16th century. The chief industries are brewing and art-printing. The Colne here holds large trout, which are carefully preserved. The grounds of Moor Park to the south-east are finely wooded, and the mansion, belonging to Lord Ebury, is a good example of the period of George I. The estate counts among its former owners such famous names as the Botelers; George Neville, archbishop of York; John de Vere, earl of Oxford in Henry VII.'s time; Wolsey in the next reign; Robert Carey, earl of Monmouth, and the duke of Monmouth.

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