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ROBERT OF TORIGNI (c. 1110-1186), medieval chronicler, was prior of Bee in 1149, and in 1154 became abbot of Mont St. Michel, whence he is also sometimes called Robertus de Monte. He died, according to Potthast, on the 29th of May 1186. He wrote additions and appendices to the chronicle of Sigebert of Genblours, covering the period A.D. 385-1100, and a chronicle in continuation of Sigebert, extending from 1100 to 1186, of great value for Anglo-Norman history. Robert was in a good position to obtain information, for the Mont St Michel was one of the four great centres of pilgrimage in Europe. But he was excessively timid and cautious, and hardly mentions events, like the murder of Becket, which were subjects of controversy. Besides, his style is that of the driest annalist. It is for continental affairs between 1154 and 1170 that his information is especially valuable. His notices of English affairs are slight and sometimes misleading.

The best modern editions are the Chronique de Robert de Torigni, &c., edited by Leopold Delisle for the Soc. de l'histoire de Normandie (Rouen, 1872-1873), and Chronicle of Robert of Torigni, edited, with an introduction, by Richard Howlett (Rolls Series, No. 82, iv. 1889).

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