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ROLLOCK, ROBERT (c. 1555-1599), the first principal of the university of Edinburgh, son of David Rollock of Powis, near Stirling, was born about 1555. He received his early education at the school of Stirling from Thomas Buchanan, a nephew of George Buchanan, and, after graduating at St Andrews, became a regent there in 1580. In 1583 he was_ appointed by the Edinburgh town council sole regent of the "town's college" ("Academia Jacobi Sexti," afterwards the university of Edinburgh), and three years later he received from the same source the title of "principal, or first master," and was engaged in lecturing on philosophy. When the staff of the young college was increased by the appointment of additional regents, he assumed with consent of the presbytery the office of professor of theology. From 1587 he also preached regularly in the East Kirk every Sunday at 7 a.m., and in 1596 he accepted one of the eight ministerial charges of the city. He took a prominent part in the somewhat troubled church politics of the day, and distinguished himself by gentleness and tact, as well as ability. He was appointed on several occasions to committees of presbytery and assembly on pressing ecclesiastical business. He was elected moderator of the General Assembly held at Dundee in May 1597. In 1598 he was translated to the parish church of the Upper Tolbooth, Edinburgh, and immediately thereafter to that of the Grey Friars (then known as the Magdalen Church). He died at Edinburgh on the 8th of February 1599.

Rollock wrote Commentaries on the Epistles tc the Ephesians (1590) and Thessalonians (1598) and Hebrews (1605), the book of Daniel (1591), the Gospel of St John (1599) and some of the Psalms (1598); an analysis of the Epistle to the Romans (1594), and Galatians (1602); also Questions and Answers on the Covenant of God (1596), and a Treatise on Effectual Calling (1597). Soon after his death eleven Sermons (Certaine Sermons upon Several Places of .the Epistles of Paul, 1599)1599) were published from notes taken by his students. His Select Works were edited by W. Gunn for the Wodrow Society (1844-1849).

A Life by George Robertson and Henry Charteris was reprinted by the Bannatyne Club in 1826. See also the introduction to the Select Works, and Sir Alexander Grant's History of the University of Edinburgh.

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