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ROCKHAMPTON, a town of Livingstone county, Queensland, Australia, on the Fitzroy river 43 m. from its mouth, 335 m. in a direct line N.W. of Brisbane. It has a beautiful situation, and its climate, in spite of heat, is healthy. It is the port of a wide agricultural district, which also produces gold, copper and silver. Much of the trade is carried on through the ports of Alma and Broadmount, near the mouth of the river, both available for ocean steamers. Rockhampton has a large trade in frozen meat, and there are factories for extract and meat preserving. Rockhampton is the terminus of the Queensland Central railway and the seat of an Anglican and a Roman Catholic bishopric. Population of the municipality (1901), 15,461; within the 5 m. radius, 19,691; of the separate municipality of North Rockhampton, 2865.

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