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ROCKVILLE, a city of Tolland county, Connecticut, U.S.A., in the N.E. part of the state, on the Hockanum river, about 15 m. N.E. of Hartford. Pop. (1890) 777 2; (1900) 7287, of whom 2548 were foreign-born, many being Germans and Poles; (1910) 7977. It is served by the New York, New Haven & Hartford railway and by electric lines. It is in the township of Vernon (pop. in 1890, 8808; in 1910, 9087; area, 19 sq. m.), which was separated from Bolton township in 1808, and contains the villages of Vernon, Vernon Centre, Dobsonville and Talcottville. In the city are the George Maxwell Memorial Library and the Sykes Manual Training School. The river, by a series of falls, makes a descent of 280 ft. here, and furnishes power for large manufacturing establishments. The principal manufactures are woollen, silk and cotton goods, envelopes, and silk fish-lines. In 1841 fancy cassimeres, probably the first manufactured in the United States, were made here. At the Hockanum Mills (established 1809) worsted for men's clothing was first made (about 1870) in the United States. The first settlement here was made about 1726. Rockville was chartered as a city in 1889.

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