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ROMSDAL, the valley of the river Rauma, in Norway. The Rauma is a torrent descending from Lake Lesjekogen to the Romsdal Fjord on the west coast (62° 30' N.). The nearest port is Molde, from which steamers run to Veblungsnaes (30 m.) at the foot of the valley. A good road traverses the valley, which is one of the finest in southern Norway, flanked by steep mountains terminating in abrupt peaks - Vengetinder (5960 ft.), Romsdalshorn (5105), Troldtinder ("witch-peaks," 60ro) and others. Several waterfalls are seen, such as the Mongefos, the Vaermofos, falling nearly 1000 ft., and the Slettafos. Lake Lesjekogen also drains from the opposite end by the Laagen or Lougen river to the Glommen, and so to the Skagerrack, and the road follows its valley, the Gudbrandsdal. The Romsdal gives its name to an amt (county) extending from the promontory of Stadt in the south to Ram Fjord in the north, including the Stor, Molde, Halse and their branch fjords, the ports of Aalesund, Molde and Christiansund, and reaching inland to the Dovrefjeld.

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