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ROSCOFF, a maritime town and watering-place of northwestern France, in the department of Finistere, on the English Channel, 172 m. N.N.W. of Morlaix by rail. Pop. (1906) town, 1984; commune, 50J4. Roscoff, separated from the Ile de Batz by a narrow channel, has a tidal port used by fishing and coasting vessels. Many of the inhabitants are engaged in the cultivation of early vegetables, to the growth of which the mild climate and fertile soil is eminently favourable. The church of Roscoff (16th century) has a fine Renaissance tower and contains interesting alabaster bas-reliefs. The ruined chapel of St Ninian commemorates the landing at Roscoff in 1548 of Mary Stuart, previous to her betrothal with the dauphin, son of Henry II. In 1746 Charles Edward, the young Pretender, landed at the port after his defeat at Culloden.

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