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ROSENHEIM, a town and watering-place of Germany, in the kingdom of Bavaria, situated at the confluence of the Mangfall and the Inn, 40 m. by rail S.E. of Munich. Pop. (1 9 o 5) 15,403. It is an interesting town, with many medieval houses. Among its seven churches the Roman Catholic parish church, with a curious cupola and containing numerous old tombs and effigies, and that of the Holy Ghost (r5th century), are remarkable. There are a monastery, two convents, several schools and a hospital. Rosenheim is frequented for its saline and sulphur baths, and there are important saltworks, the brine being conveyed from Reichenhall in pipes; it has also machine factories, metalworks and breweries. Cordage is manufactured, and there is a trade in cattle and grain. Although founded in the 12th century Rosenheim did not become a town until 1864.

See Ditterich, Rosenheim in Oberbayern (Munich, 1870), and Eid, Aus Altrosenheim (Rosenheim, 1906).

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