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RUPPIN, or Neuruppin, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Brandenburg, lies on the W. bank of a small lake, the Ruppiner See, 37 m. N.W. of Berlin by rail. Pop. (1905) 18 ,555. The town, which was rebuilt in fine, regular fashion after a destructive fire in 1787, contains three Protestant churches, a Roman Catholic church and various educational and benevolent institutions. Its inhabitants are employed in the manufacture of cloth, starch and machinery, in ironfounding and lithography. Important cattle and horse fairs are held here. Ruppin received municipal rights in 1256.

The small town of Altruppin, lying at the north end of the lake, has a 15th-century church and some small manufactures. Pop. (1905) 1813.

See Heydemann, Neuere Geschichte der Stadt Neuruppin(Neuruppin, 1863); and G. Bittkau, Altere Geschichte der Stadt Neuruppin (Neuruppin, 1887).

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