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"SIR GEORGE SCOTT ROBERTSON (1852-1916), British soldier and administrator, was born in London Oct. 22 1852. He was educated at Westminster hospital medical school, and in 1878 entered the Indian medical service. He served through the Afghan War of 1879-80, and in 1888 was attached to the Indian Foreign Office, being employed as agency surgeon in Gilgit, on the frontier of Kashmir. In 1890-I he travelled in Kafiristan (see 15.630). In 1893 he went as political agent to Chitral, and in 1895 was besieged there by hostile tribesmen (see 6.252). For his services he was created K.C.S.I., and appointed British agent in Gilgit. He retired from the Indian service in 1899 and returned to England. He unsuccessfully contested Stirlingshire in the Liberal interest in 1900, but was elected for Central Bradford in 1906. He died Jan. 1 1916.

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