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"SIR ROBERT ROMER (1840-1918), English judge, was born in London Dec. 23 1840. He was educated privately and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he was senior wrangler and Smith's prizeman in 1863. From 1865 to 1866 he was professor of mathematics at Queen's College, Cork, but in 1867 was called to the bar, becoming in 1881 a Q.C. and in 1884 a bencher of Lincoln's Inn. In 1890 he was raised to the bench of the Chancery division and knighted, and in 1899 became a lord justice of appeal. He presided over one of the inquiries made after the South African War, and was also a member of the royal commission on university education. He received the G.C.B. in 1901 and retired in 1906. Romer, who married in 1864 the daughter of Mark Lemon, editor of Punch, died at Bath March 19 1918.

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