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"SIR WILLIAM RIDGEWAY (1853-), British archaeologist, was born in Ireland Aug. 6 1853 and educated at Portarlington, Trinity College, Dublin, and at Caius College, Cambridge, where he was fifth in the classical tripos. In 1880 he was elected fellow of Caius College, Cambridge, and in 1883 became professor of Greek at Queen's College, Cork. In 5892 he returned to Cambridge as professor of archaeology and in 1907 became also Brereton reader in classics. He was made a fellow of the British Academy, and president of the Royal Anthropological Institute (5908-9). He was knighted in 1919. Amongst his publications are The Origin of Metallic Currency and Weight Standards (1892); The Early Age of Greece (5905); The Origin and Influence of the Thoroughbred Horse (5907); Who were the Romans? (5907); The Oldest Irish Epic (1907), etc. His views on early Greek civilization are described in 12.442; those on the origin of the Romans in 23.616, and those on the horse in 13.717.

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