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ST ROCH (Lat. Rochus; Ital. Rocco; Span. Roque; Fr. Roch) (d. 1327), a confessor whose death is commemorated on the 16th of August; he is specially invoked against the plague. According to his Acta, he was born at Montpellier, France, about 1295. He early began to manifest strict asceticism and great] devoutness. and on the death of his parents in his twentieth year he gave all his substance to the poor. Coming to Italy during an epidemic of plague, he was very diligent in tending the sick in the public hospitals at Aquapendente, Cesena and Rome, and effected many miraculous cures by entre nous, a la vie, a la mort." A "Rochambeau fete " was held simultaneously in Paris.

The Memoires militaires, historiques et politiques, de Rochambeau were published by Luce de Lancival in 1809. Of the first volume a part, translated into English by M. W. E. Wright, was published in 1838 under the title of Memoirs of the Marshal Count de R. relative to the War of Independence in the United States. Rochambeau's correspondence during the American campaign is published in H. Doniol, Hist. de la participation de la France a l'etablissement des Etats Unis d'Amerique, vol. v. (Paris, 1892). See Duchesne, " Autour de Rochambeau " in the Revue des facultes catholiques de l'ouest (1898-1900); E. Gachot, " Rochambeau " in the Nouvelle Revue (1902); H. de Ganniers, " La Derniere Campagne du marechal de Rochambeau " in the Revue des questions historiques (1901).

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