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"STEPHEN REYNOLDS (1881-1919), English author, was born at Devizes May 16 1881. Educated at Manchester University and the E. des Mines at Paris, he became sub-editor of an Anglo-French review in 1902 and the following year began an` association with the Woolley brothers, fishermen of Sidmouth, which lasted for some years. He thus familiarized himself with fishing and the fisherman's point of view so far as to become a recognised authority on the subject and a medium of communication between fishermen and the Government. He was a member of the committee of inquiry into Devon and Cornwall Fisheries (1912), and of the departmental committee on Inshore Fisheries (1913), and in that year he was appointed adviser on Inshore Fisheries to the Development Commission. In 1914 he became also resident inspector of fisheries for the S.W. area. His publications included A Poor Man's House (1908); Alongshore (1910); The Lower Deck, the Navy and the Nation (1912); as well as a novel, The Holy Mountain, (1909) and a volume of tales. He died at Sidmouth Feb. 14 1919.

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