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"WILLIAM ROTHENSTEIN (1872-), English artist, was born at Bradford, Yorks, Jan. 29 1872, and was educated at the Bradford grammar school. In 1888 he entered the Slade school, studying under Legros, and afterwards worked in Paris. In 1893 he began exhibiting at the New English Art Club. His paintings include " The Browning Readers " (1900), " The Doll's House " (woo), "Aliens at Prayer" (1904), " Jews Mourning " (1905), " Carrying the Law " (1910), " Morning at Benares " (1911), " Bourlon Church " (1919), and " The Last Phase: on the Rhine " (1919). Among his portraits may be mentioned those of Augustus John, Sir Francis Darwin (1905), Mr. Charles Booth (1908), Prof. Alfred Marshall (1908), Mr. Bernhard Berenson (1910), and Sir Rabindranath Tagore (1912); besides a portrait of himself (1900), now in the Metropolitan Museum, New York. His work is represented in many galleries, including the Dublin Gallery of Modern Art, the National Gallery, Melbourne, the National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, and the galleries of Bradford, Manchester and Johannesburg. He was in 1917 elected professor of civic art at the university of Sheffield. His published works include Oxford Characters (1896); English Portraits (1898); The French Set, and Portraits of Verlaine (1898); Manchester Portraits (1899); Liber Juniorum (1899); a Life of Goya (woo); Plea for a Wider Use of Artists and Craftsmen (1918); Twenty-four Portraits (1920). His brother, Albert Daniel Rutherston (b. 1881), who took the name of Rutherston in place of that of Rothenstein in 1916, was born at Bradford Dec. 5 1881. He studied at the Slade school in 1898, and after 190t exhibited regularly at the New English Art Club. He became well known as a theatrical designer of great taste and originality, his work including designs for The Winter's Tale (1912); G. B. Shaw's Androcles and the Lion (1913) and Le Mariage Force (1913). He also illustrated The Children's Blue Bird by Madame Maeterlinck (1913).

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