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JOZSEF SZABO VON SZENTMIKLOS (1822-1894), Hungarian geologist, was born at Kalocsa, on the 14th of March 1822. His first contribution to science was an essay on metallurgy, in which subject he had received special training. Afterwards he settled at Budapest and investigated the geology of the district, the results of which were published in a geological map (1858). In 1859 he joined the staff of the Austrian Geological Survey, as a volunteer member, and paid attention to the economic as well as to the purely scientific aspects of the work. He also arranged for surveys having special reference to agricultural geology to be undertaken by the Hungarian Geological Institute. In 1862 he became professor of geology and mineralogy in the university of Budapest. In later years he devoted himself largely to petrology, and published memoirs on the trachytes Hungary and Transylvania; on a new method of determining the species of felspars in rocks, depending on fusibility and flamecoloration; on the geology and petrology of the district of Schemnitz; and on Santorin Island. He died at Budapest on the 12th of April 1894.

He was author of Geologie mit besonderer Riicksicht auf die Petrographie, den Vulkanismus u. die Hydrographie (1883).

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