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CLAIR ANTOINE THIBAUDEAU, Comte (1765-1854) French politician, was born on the 23rd of March 1765, the son of Antoine de Thibaudeau a lawyer of Poitiers and a deputy to the States-General of 1789. He was admitted to the bar in 1787, and in 1789 accompanied his father to the States-General at Versailles. When he returned to Poitiers in October he immediately set up a local revolutionary club, and in 1792 was returned as a deputy to the Convention.

Thibaudeau joined the party of the Mountain and voted for the death of Louis XVI. unconditionally. Nevertheless he incurred a certain amount of suspicion because he declined to join the Jacobin Club. In May 1793 he was on a special mission in the west and prevented his department from joining the Federalist movement. Thibaudeau occupied himself more particularly with educational business, notably in the organization of the museum of the Louvre. It was he who secured the inclusion of Tom Paine's name in the amnesty of Girondist deputies. Secretary and then president of the Convention for a short period, he served on the Committee of Public Safety and of Generaly Security. After the insurrection of 13 Vende himself to efforts for the improvement of his dominions that won for him the title of le Bon. He died at Pampeluna on the 14th of July 1253.

Thibaut was the most popular of all the 13th century songwriters, and his work is marked by a grace and sweetness which he owes perhaps in part to his association with the troubadours of the south. He is said to have set his own songs to music. It seems doubtful whether the notes that have cone down to us can with justice be attributed to him, but there is no contesting the musical quality of his verse. His fame spread beyond the Alps, and Dante admired his poetry. He was one of the most celebrated authors of jeux-partis, elaborate discussions between two interlocutors, usually on the subject of love.

His works were edited in 1851 by P. Tarbe in his Chansonniers de Champagne.

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