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DWIGHT WILLIAM TRYON (1849-), American artist, was born at Hartford, Connecticut, on the 13th of August 1849. At the age of twenty-five he left his position as a clerk in a Hartford publishing house tc devote himself entirely to art, and two years afterwards went to Paris, where he became a pupil of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, under J. de la Chevreuse, Charles Daubigny and A.. Guillemet. A skilful landscape painter, New England provided his best subjects. He first exhibited at the Salon in 1881, and in the same year returned to the United States, settling first in New York City; in 1882-1886 he was director of the Hartford School of Art, and in 1886 became professor of art at Smith College. He became a member of the Society of American Artists (1882), a National Academician (1891), and a member of the American Water Color Society. He won numerous medals and prizes at important exhibitions, among his pictures being "Daybreak," "Moonlight" and "Early Spring, New England."

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