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JEAN MAURICE TOURNEUX (1849-), French man of letters and bibliographer, son of the artist and author J. F. E. Tourneux, was born in Paris on the 12th of July 1849. He began his career as a bibliographer by collaborating in new editions of the Supercheries litteraires of Joseph Querard and the Dictionnaire des anonymes of Antoine Barbier. His most important bibliographical work was the Bibliographic de l'histoire de Paris pendant la revolution frangaise (3 vols. 1890-1901), which was crowned by the Academy of Inscriptions. This valuable work serves as a guide for the history of the city beyond the limits of the Revolution.

His other works include bibliographies of Prosper Merimee (1876), of Theophile Gautier (1876), of the brothers de Goncourt (1897) and others; also editions of F. M. Grimm's Correspondance litte'raire, of Diderot's Neveu de Rameau (1884), of Montesquieu's Lettres persanes (1886), &c.

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