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MARY TIGHE (1772-1810), Irish poet, daughter of the Rev. William Blachford, was born on the 9th of October 1772. In 1 793 she contracted what proved to be an unhappy marriage with her cousin, Henry Tighe, of Woodstock, Co. Wicklow. She died on the 24th of March 1810, at Woodstock, Co. Kilkenny, and was buried at Inistioge. Mrs Tighe was the author of a poem of unusual merit, Psyche or the Legend of Love, printed privately in 1805 and published posthumously in 1811 with some other poems. It is founded on the story as told by Apuleius, and is written in the Spenserian stanza. The poem had many admirers, and high praise is awarded it in a contemporary notice in the Quarterly Review (May 1811) .

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