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"MEREDITH WHITE TOWNSEND (1831-1911), English journalist, was born at Bures, Suffolk, April 1 1831, and educated at Ipswich grammar school. In 1848 he went out to India, and four years later became editor of the Friend of India, acting also for some years as Times correspondent. In 1860 he returned to England and purchased the weekly Spectator (see 19.562). With R. H. Hutton he was joint-editor until 1898, and he was largely instrumental in making it an established success, writing most of the political articles and the opening paragraphs every week. His two chief publications were The Great Governing Families of England (1865), written in conjunction with Langton Sanford, and Asia and Europe (1901). He died at Little Bookham, Surrey, Oct. 21 1911.

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