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PIERRE ALEXANDROWITSCH DE TCHIHATCHEFF (1812-1890), Russian naturalist and geologist, was born at Gatchina, near St Petersburg, in 1812. He entered the diplomatic service and was (1842-44) attached to the embassy at Constantinople; whence he visited Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt. In 1844, he was charged with a scientific mission to the Altai mountains. He died at Florence on the 13th of October 1890 (N.S.).

His publications include: Voyage scientifique dans l'Altai oriental et les parties adjacentes de la frontiere de Chine (with atlas, 1845); Asie Mineure; description physique, statistique et archeologique de cette cant?* (4 vols. with 3 atlases, 1853-69); Le Bosphore et Constantinople (1864, another ed. 1877); Considerations geologiques sur les Ales Oceaniques (1878); and Espagne, Algerie et Tunisie (1880).

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