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SIR THOMAS TROUBRIDGE, Bart. (c. 1758-1807), English admiral, was educated at St Paul's School, London, and entered the navy in 1773. Having seen some service in the East Indies, he was taken prisoner by the French in 1794, but his captivity was only a short one and in February 1797 he commanded his ship, the "Culloden," at the battle of Cape St Vincent. In the following July he assisted Nelson in the unsuccessful attack on Santa Cruz, and in August 1798, when getting into position for the attack on the French fleet, the "Culloden" ran aground and was consequently unable to take any part in the battle of the Nile. He then served in the Mediterranean and was created a baronet in 1799; from 1801 to 1804 he was a lord of the admiralty, being made a rear-admiral just before his retirement. In 1805 Troubridge was given a command in the East and he went out in the "Blenheim." In January 1807 in this ship, an old and damaged one, he left Madras for the Cape of Good Hope, but off the coast of Madagascar the "Blenheim" foundered in a cyclone and the admiral perished. His only son, Sir Edward Thomas Troubridge, bart. (d. 1852), entered the navy in 1797 and was present at the battle of Copenhagen. From 1831 to 1847 he was member of parliament for Sandwich and from 1835 to 1841 he was a lord of the admiralty. His son, Sir Thomas St Vincent Hope Cochrane Troubridge, bart. (1815-1867), entered the army in 1834, and was severely wounded at the battle of Inkerman.

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