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SPYRIDION TRICOUPIS (1788-1873), Greek author and statesman, son of the primate of Missolonghi, was born on the 20th of April 1788. After studying in Paris and London he became private secretary to the fifth earl of Guilford, who resided in the Ionian Islands. He was a friend of Lord Byron, and pronounced his funeral oration in the cathedral of Missolonghi (1824). During the Greek War of Independence he occupied several important administrative and diplomatic posts, being a member of the provisional government in 1826 and of the national convention at Troezen in 1827, and president of the council and minister of foreign affairs in 1832. He was thrice Greek minister in London (1835-1838,1841-1843and 1850-1861), and in 1850 envoy-extraordinary to Paris. After the Revolution he became minister of foreign affairs and of public instruction, and held portfolios in several subsequent shortlived ministries. He died on the 24th of February 1873. A collection of his earlier religious and political orations was published in Paris in 1836. His chief work is a history of the Greek insurrection, `I rropia rijs EXX p ' tcns E7ravavraQews (4 vols., London, 1853-1857; 2nd ed., 1862). He also wrote a martial poem, `0 8nµos. IIoimµa,cJXeirrucov (Paris, 1821).

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