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TAGLIACOZZO, a town of the Abruzzi, Italy, in the province of Aquila, 56 m. by rail E.N.E. of Rome, and to m. W. of Avezzano. Pop. (1901) 4517 (town); 9061 (commune). It lies 2428 ft. above sea-level, at the mouth of the deep ravine of the Imele. It contains several old churches, notably S. Francesco, with a fine rose window in the facade, and medieval houses. The palace, built at the end of the 14th century by the Orsini, is fine. The place was given to the Colonna family in 1526. At the end of 1268 a battle took place here between Conradin of Hohenstaufen and Charles of Anjou, which resulted in the defeat of Conradin and his execution.

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