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TALIENWAN, an open bay or roadstead on the east side of the Liaotung peninsula, Manchuria. It was leased to Russia by China in 1898 with the naval fortress of Port Arthur, from which it is distant 40 m., the lease being transferred to Japan in 1905. The Russian town of Dalny (now Tairen) was built upon the west side of the bay, known as Port Victoria. Being ice-free all the year round, it has an advantage over Niuchwang, which is frozen up for four months in the year. Niuchwang, however, lies much nearer to the great producing and consuming districts of Manchuria. Talienwan is in railway connexion with Niuchwang and Peking and via the Siberian railway with Europe. It was the rendezvous of the British fleet during the Anglo-China war of 1860, whence the names Port Arthur and Port Victoria.

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