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TALLADEGA, a city and the couty-seat of Talladega county, Alabama, U.S.A., 35 m. E. of Birmingham. Pop. (1900) 5056 (2687 negroes); (1910) 5854. It is served by the Southern, the Louisville & Nashville and other railways. Talladega is situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, about 560 ft. above sea level. It is the seat of the Alabama Synodical College for Women (Presbyterian, 1903), of Talladega College (Congregational, opened 1867; chartered 1869 and 1889) for the higher education of negroes - the first college for negroes in the state, and of several institutions devoted to the care of the deaf, dumb and blind. Limestone and coal are found in the vicinity. Among the manufactures are cotton goods, cottonseed oil, iron, hosiery, chemicals and fertilizers. There are several mineral springs near the city, and the municipal water supply is derived from a spring in the city. The electric lighting and power plant is operated by water power on Jackson Shoals. Talladega was originally an Indian village. On the 9th of November 1813, it was the scene of a decisive victory of the whites and their Indian allies, 2000 strong, led by Gen. Andrew Jackson, over r000 "Red Sticks," or Creek Indians, who were hostile to the extension of white settlements in Indian territory.

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