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TAUCHNITZ, the name of a family of German printers and publishers. Karl Christoph Traugott Tauchnitz (1761-1836), born at Grossbardau near Grimma, Saxony, established a printing business in Leipzig in 1796 and a publishing house in 1798. He specialized on the publication of dictionaries, Bibles and stereotyped editions of the Greek and Roman classics. The business was carried on by his son, Karl Christian Phillipp Tauchnitz (1798-1884), until 1865, when the business was sold to O. Holtze. He left large sums to the city of"Leipzig for philanthropic purposes. Christian Bernhard, Freiherr von Tauchnitz (1816-1895), the founder of the existing firm of Bernhard Tauchnitz, was the nephew of the first-mentioned. His printing and publishing firm was started at Leipzig in 1837. The Library of British and American Authors, so familiar to travellers on the continent of Europe, was begun in 1841. In 1908 the collection numbered over 4000 volumes. In 1868 he began the Collection of German Authors, followed in 1886 by the Students' Tauchnitz editions. In 1860 he was ennobled with the title of Freiherr (Baron), and in 1877 was made a life member of the Saxon Upper Chamber. From 1866 to 1895 he was British ConsulGeneral for the kingdom and duchies of Saxony. He was succeeded in the business by his son, Christian Karl Bernhard, Freiherr von Tauchnitz.

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