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TAUPO, a township of East Taupo county, New Zealand, in the south-west of the Hot Spring district of North Island. It attracts many visitors both as a health resort and on account of the magnificent scenery and remarkable volcanic phenomena of the surrounding district. It lies on the north-east shore of lake Taupo, the largest lake in the island, having an extreme length of 26 m. and a shore-line, not counting minor indentations, of about loo m., and lying 1200 ft. above sea-level. The river Waikato, which reaches the west coast not far from Manukau Harbour near Auckland, here leaves the lake. The district abounds in geysers, springs, mud volcanoes and other phenomena; some of the waters have petrifying powers, and some of the springs are vividly coloured. On the road running N.E. to Rotorua (56 m.) are the resorts of Weirakei (7 m.) and Ateamuri (31 m.). Lake Taupo is finely situated, hills rising over 2000 ft. immediately from the shores, while the mountains of Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, an active volcano, and Ruapehu, a snow-clad peak, back the view to the south and mark the limit of the great volcanic line which extends 160 m. north-westward to White Island in the Bay of Plenty. The upper Waikato enters the lake from the south near Tokaano, where there is another collection of springs, &c. The river forms several fine falls and rapids below the lake.

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