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TEGGIANO (anc. Tegianum, formerly called Diano), a town in Campania, Italy, in the province of Salerno, 45 m. S.E. of that town. Pop. (1901) 5095. It is situated 2090 ft. above sea-level on an isolated eminence above the upper part of the valley of the Negro (anc. Tanager), to which it gives the name of Val di Diano. It represents the ancient Tegianum a municipal town of Lucania, made into a colony by Nero, of which the ruins can be traced at the foot of the hill, with an ancient Roman bridge. An Oscan sepulchral inscription in Greek letters has been found here (cf. W. Corssen in Ephemeris Epigrafica, ii. 153). It possesses a castle, several churches of some interest, and three conventual buildings. In 1497 it was strong enough to resist, under Antonio Sanseverino of Salerno, the siege undertaken by Frederick of Aragon. (T. As.)

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