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TELLICHERRY, a seaport of British India, in the Malabar district of Madras, between Cannanore and the French settlement of Mahe. Pop. (r901) 27,883. It is a healthy and picturesque town, built upon a group of wooded hills running down to the sea, and is protected by a natural breakwater of rock. The town with its suburbs occupies about 5 sq. rn., and was at one time defended by a strong mud wall. The old fort still stands to the north of the town. The East India Company established a factory here in 1683 for the pepper and cardamom trade. For two years (1780-82) the town withstood a siege by Hyder's general, and in the subsequent wars with Mysore Tellicherry was the base of operations for the ascent of the Ghats from the west coast. The town is a busy centre of export trade in coffee, coco-nut produce, spices and sandal-wood. The Basel Protestant mission has a station here. The municipality manages the Brennen college founded in 1862.

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