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TEMPLE, a city of Bell county, Texas, U.S.A., about 35 m.

S.S.W. of Waco. Pop. (1890) 4047; (r90o) 7065 (1423 being negroes and 360 foreign-born): (1910) 10,993. It is served by the Gulf, Colorado && Santa Fe, and the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railways (the former has repair shops here), and is connected with Belton (pop. in 1900, 3700), the county seat, about 10 m. W., by an electric railway. In the city are a Carnegie library, a King's Daughters' Hospital, the Temple Sanitarium, and a hospital of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe railway. Temple is situated in a rich farming country; cotton is ginned and baled here, and there are various manufactures. The city owns the water supply. Temple was founded in 1881-82 by the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe railway, and was chartered as a city in 1884.

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