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TENASSERIM, a division of Lower Burma, bordering on Siam. Area, 36,076 sq. m. Pop. (1901) 1,159,558, including 3 8,269 Christians, the great majority of whom are Karens. The headquarters of the commissioner are at Moulmein. It is divided into six districts: Toungoo, Salween, Thaton, Amherst, Tavoy and Mergui. It formed the tract south of Pegu' conquered from Burma in 1826, which was for many years known as the Tenasserim province. The southern extremity of the division approaches the insular region of Malaysia, and it is fringed along its entire western coast by a number of islands, forming in the north the Moscos and in the south the Mergui Archipelago. The eastern frontier is formed by a mountain range 5000 ft. high, which acts as a water-parting between the Tenasserim and the Siamese river systems.

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