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TERRANOVA PAUSANIA, a seaport of Sardinia, in the province of Sassari, situated on the E. coast, 14 m. S.W. of Golfo Aranci, and 72 m. E. of Sassari by rail, and in the innermost recess of the sheltered gulf of Terranova. Pop. (Igor) 434 8. It occupies the site of the ancient Olbia, and until the traffic was transferred to Golfo Aranci, was the port of embarkation for Italy, as in ancient times. There is some trade in cork and charcoal. The place is low-lying and malarious. The only building of interest is the Romanesque church of S. Simplicio, once the cathedral, which as it stands dates probably from the 11th century. It was the seat of the giudici of Gallura, sent here by the Pisans in the rith century (but probably the native giudici resided at Tempio), and of an episcopal see, united in 1506 with that of Ampurias. The name Pausania is the consequence of an error; it is a corruption of Fausiana, a town and episcopal see of Sardinia mentioned by Gregory the Great, the site of which is in reality uncertain.

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