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TEXARKANA, two adjoining cities forming one community, situated on either side of the boundary line between Arkansas and Texas, U.S.A., about 165 m. E. by N. of Dallas, Texas; Texarkana, county-seat of Miller county, Arkansas, pop. (1900) 49 1 4, of whom 120 were foreign-born and 2078 were negroes; (1910) 56J5; Texarkana, Bowie county, Texas, pop. (r 9 oo) 5256, of whom 1 9 2 were foreign-born and 1964 were negroes; (19ro) 979 0. Texarkana is served by the Kansas City Southern (Port Arthur Route), the Texas & Pacific (of which it is the eastern terminus), the St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern (Iron Mountain Route, the southern terminus), and the St Louis SouthWestern (Cotton Belt Route) railways. The public buildings are two city halls, a well-designed Post Office, which stands on the state line and serves both cities, a county court house (on the Arkansas side), and a Federal court building (on the Texas side). The chief trade is in lumber (especially hard woods, such as white oak and ash), cotton, cotton-seed oil and hides. Natural gas is piped here from the Caddo gas-fields, about 48 m. S., in Louisiana. The first permanent settlement here was made in 1874; Texarkana, Texas, was incorporated in 1875, and Texarkana, Arkansas, in 1881.

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